Hearing Aid Express

Bum knows that like many older adults, parts of him just don’t work as well as they used to. That includes his hearing.

Like many people who have hearing loss, he didn’t notice it at first. It became obvious to his wife Debbie that he had hearing loss when he was at an autograph session and wasn’t acting like himself.

“Before (at autograph sessions) he would visit with people and joke and really be friendly,” Debbie said. “Then I noticed he wasn’t being as friendly and I thought ‘What is going on here?’ I suddenly realized he couldn’t understand what they were saying so he kind of withdrew.”

Withdrawing from people was just one of the ways hearing loss affected Bum.

He said he knew his biggest problem was when people were talking to him and he just couldn’t hear them.

“When you’re trying to have a conversation and giving the wrong answer you aggravate others, especially when you make them repeat things over and over again,” he said. “I had to get to a point where my hearing loss aggravated everybody else before I would surrender. It was too easy to say ‘Huh?’”

Things got better after he first got hearing aids from Hearing Aid Express over 10 years ago. Bum said his hearing aids let him hear the things he wants to hear and tune out the things he doesn’t, but it was Debbie who appreciated them a whole lot more.

“I was really surprised at what a difference hearing aids made for him,” Debbie said. “He used to nod and grin because he didn’t know what people were saying. Better hearing makes a world of difference.”

“I can hear, but she doesn’t have to shout anymore and repeat the same thing over and over again,” he said.

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