About Us


Bum Phillips Charities was created by Bum and Debbie Phillips in 2010 as the base for a Retreat Center and as a fundraising organization for the charities that have touched their hearts over their many years of charitable work. The Phillips’ have donated considerable acreage of their Goliad, Texas ranch to create the Bum Phillips Retreat.

Hear about us from Bum

The retreat, owned and operated by Bum Phillips Charities, hosts many activities and events year-round. The most significant is a summer camp for deaf children called Camp Heart Sign. In addition, frequent deaf church services and retreats for deaf adults are conducted. Other events include conferences to teach American Sign Language (ASL) and provide ASL interpreter training. Bum Phillips Charities also encourages the active use of their retreat for Christian ministries and actively supports the prison ministry of Mike Barber Ministries and Tommy Maxwell’s Dallas-based Coaches Outreach. Every effort is made to obtain sufficient contributions to provide the services, events, and activities for free or significantly reduced rates.

Mission Statement

Support Christian ministries serving those who are the least of us as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 25:34-40 through financial support and the use of our retreat facilities.

>Bum Phillips Charities> is a 501(c)3 public charity.  All donations are tax deductible.

Heart Sign

Our family’s dream is to build a camp for children, families and educators that depend on American Sign Language (ASL) as a primary means of communicating. Heart Sign recognizes that American Sign Language (ASL) is the backbone of the American deaf culture. It is also used by many people with different special needs.  Providing an opportunity to socialize through this necessary form of communication is one of our main goals. Other communities have embraced this language for its clients (autistic, cognitively delayed), yet their families and caregivers more often than not, are not trained to use ASL. Thus, our family has a dream to build a camp for kids, respite facility for the families and training center for all who have embraced ASL, but have limited access to high level training.

Yes, we have a Dream. We have donated the land that will one day allow us to fulfill this dream. And we are well on our way to learning all we must learn to create our Dream in a responsible way. We are so excited to partner with our neighbors Camp Aranzazu to create our first pilot camp for kids who are deaf. Camp Aranzazu will allow us to focus on programs and not capital campaigns as they have a wonderful facility built to accommodate all special needs kids! This spring we will launch our first Camp Heart Sign with the help of Camp Aranzazu and their wonderfully experienced staff!

We are raising funds today for scholarships for the campers who will benefit greatly from this experience. If you or a child you know ever attended camp, there really is no explanation needed other than the kids in our part of the state cannot afford the funds for extracurricular activities like a weekend or week at camp. So, please join us as we begin the work of changing the world, one scholarship, one child, one family at a time.

Click here to watch videos on Heart Sign website!

Mike Barber Ministries

Prisons are where society tries to lock up problems. What’s the answer? Check the current statistics. Will we just continue to lock people up until more are behind bars than not? Will those of us in the free world continue to pay and pay and pay to house more and more criminals? Where will it stop? Will it ever end? It can. At Mike Barber Ministries, we have proven that lives of men and women can be turned around. We see it every day. We reach them through crusades and outreaches, our “Weekends of Excitement.” and through our Satellite Ministry, we have the opportunity to speak to over 400,000 inmates at once. Soon, we hope to have a satellite dish in every prison in the nation, to provide not only spiritual help, but educational programs as well. We have found that when people have a sense of worth and a feeling of purpose for their lives, they will naturally begin to work toward fulfilling it. All they needs a chance. Will you help us give them one?

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Coaches Outreach

Coaches Outreach seeks to build coaches of conviction by encouraging and equipping coaches and their spouses to have Christ-like character through practical application of biblical truth.

Coaches Outreach grew out of Bible study that was started at the Texas High School Coaches Association in 1987. This study still meets to this day.

The first Summer Marriage Conference was held in 1990 with 18 couples. Encouraged with the lives that were changed at the 1990 retreat, Coaches Outreach continued to grow as a volunteer organization until 1996. Many coaches felt that Coaches Outreach should be a full time ministry. Tommy Maxwell was asked to be the Executive Director and Coaches Outreach started as a full time ministry in June of 1997.Since then, Coaches Outreach has grown to have Summer Marriage Conferences in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, with hundreds of couples in attendance each year. Approximately 1900 coaches are currently participating in Coaches Outreach Bible studies, with more added each spring and fall.

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